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In-home culinary classes!
Chef Christopher Walker will bring everything that is needed for cooking and butchery classes to your home. These classes are for everyone. If you enjoy cooking at home, need to imrpove your culinary skills or have no idea where to start but want to learn how to cook or butcher. You're in the correct place. 
Pasta making classes


Learn how to make fresh pasta in your home. 


The class starts with the fundamentals of pasta making. Starting with the importance of which flour to use to how egg yolks and egg whites affect the end result of the pasta. 

We then make the pasta dough. While the dough is resting we make a sauce to accompany the pasta. 

Classes can range in size from 1-8 people. This is a great class for dinner parties. 

$175 per person.



Sausage making!


Sausages making is a craft that has for too long been lost. If you have ever wondered how sausages are made? Or what makes a flavorful juicy sausage? This is the class for you. 


The class starts with understanding which cuts are best for sausage making. Further more, you will learn about the importance of temperature, how to grind, whip and pipe the sausage links. At the end of the class the sausages are yours to keep.




Butchery lessons 


This class offers everything from fabricating chickens, ducks, lamb racks, beef tenderloin, Flat Iron, fish and shellfish fabrication


Depending on the protein/s you choose the price will reflect that choice. There is a base fee of $150.









Whole animal butchery


Whole animal butchery is an essential skill to have. Whole animal butchery gives you a better respect for the animal and it also saves you money.  


You will learn about the different cuts of the pig. The best cooking methods for each primal of the pig.


This class will teach you how to use every part of the pig. Leaving you with the  chance to challenge yourself to use every part of the pig


Oh and the pig is yours to keep!


Steak cooking!


This is a class geared towards anyone who wants to learn how to properly cook a steak. 


You will learn why tempering the steaks before cooking is key and the value of resting steaks. How to achieve a great sear in the pan. How to properly grill a steak. 


Three steaks are cooked during this class. All different kinds, with varying grains. The purpose of this is to teach you have to approach any steak with ease. 






Risotto making

This class teaches the art of Risotto making. Farm fresh vegetables, and homemade sausage are served with the risotto. 

$150 per person.

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